TPS Demo

A 3D Third Person Shooter Controller Demo

RoboBlast: Third-Person Shooter demo (Godot 4, 3D)

This open-source Godot 4 demo shows how to create a 3D character controller inspired by games like Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter. You can copy the character to your project as a plug-and-play asset to prototype 3D games with and build upon.

It features a character that can run, jump, make a melee attack, aim, shoot, and throw grenades.

There are two kinds of enemies: flying wasps that fire bullets and beetles that attack you on the ground. The environment comes with breakable crates, jumping pads, and coins that move to the player's character.

How to run:

  1. Download or clone the GitHub repository.
  2. Press F5 or Run Project.



How do I use the player character in my game?

Copy the following folders into the root of your project:

The following Input Map actions are needed for the Player.tscn to work:

The Player.tscn scene works as a standalone scene and doesn't need other cameras to work. You can change the player UI by changing the Control node inside Player.tscn.


All code is MIT-licensed, and assets are CC-By 4.0 GDQuest.

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